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Win Customers Back by Creating Customer Retention Flows

Win Customers Back
by Creating
Customer Retention

Form a better connection in every cancellation attempt to increase customer retention. Build interactive and engaging cancellation flows with Churnfree.

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Why Personalized Customer Retention Flow is a Must for your Business

Our product features

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Real Time Data

Improving Product
Based on Real-Time

Learn what’s good or bad about your product by conducting surveys and gathering feedback within your flow.

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Make Customer Mobile

Make Customers Happy and Stay Longer

Create an opportunity to retain your customers by presenting targeted offers and subscription alternatives before they proceed with the cancellation.

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Boost Your Company

Increase Customer Retention to Boost Revenue Growth

By creating pleasing cancellation flows, you can save hundreds of customers and make them happy while increasing your revenue in the process.

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Make Customer Mobile

Connect your Payment Processors

Make your customer’s cancellation experience as fluid as possible. Add the preferred Payment processors for your product.

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Pause Subscription

Pause Subscription to Avoid Voluntary Churn

Let your customer pause their subscription instead of canceling to encourage retention and minimize the marketing costs to win them back in the future.

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Build a Positive Customer Retention Experience in a Few Simple Steps!

How it works

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Optimize your retention flows with these Churnfree features



Let your users select from a customizable list of survey options.

Create Offers
Create Offers

Design offers supported by your payment processor like discounts or promotions.

User Feedbacks
User Feedback

Review your user feedback in a single place when they cancel and take action.

Confirmation Meassage
Confirmation Message

Remind benefits and features to your customers before they decide to leave.

Flow Design
Flow Design

Customizable cancel flows and intuitive flow editor to maximize customer retention.

Finish Alert
Finish Alert

Quick and easy website integration. Deploy retention flows and receive alerts in minutes.

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We Let Our Clients Speak For Us. Here’s Why They Love Churnfree.

Satisfied Customers

Benjamin BeyerSaaS Co Founder

Churnfree is an essential tool for our company. We were able to gather customer feedback and insight efficiently. The subscription analytics feature helped us reduce churn significantly.

Laura DavisMarketing Lead

I must say, the benefits of having a great cancellation flow are really worth the price. It has changed the way we operate from the ground up.

Grace NadiaProject Manager

I love how simple and easy it is to build this tool. It saves a lot of time and effort!

Justin AdrianoCS Lead

The opportunity it presents makes a huge impact on our monthly growth. It helps us keep customers!

Discover more great Churnfree features to lower churn!

Links to other features

Retentionflow Feature Dashboard


View meaningful data and manage actionable insights in an intuitive and clean monitoring page.

Dashboard features

Retentionflow Feature Offers


Create smarter discounts via custom offers to boost your retention rates by up to 35% and increase your company’s profitability.

Offers features

Retentionflow Feature Feedback

Client Feedback

Collect valuable customer Feedback effectively and use the information as a guiding resource for the growth of your company.

Client Feedback features

Retentionflow Feature Paues


Let your customer pause their subscription instead of canceling to encourage retention and revenue increase.

Pause features

Retentionflow Feature Add product

Multiple Products

Seamlessly connect and manage several of your websites or brands in one Churnfree account.

Multiple Products features

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