If you have been searching for customer churn software then look no further. Churnfree helps users integrate retention flows directly into their website, using minimal code. In this article, we will take a deep dive into how you can use Churnfree to reduce customer cancellations and get valuable feedback about your products and services.

Add your first customer retention flow

First, navigate to your Churnfree dashboard. You will have to create your first retention flow if you are a new user. Click “ Add first retention flow”

Add Your First Customer Retention Flow

Create a customer cancellation survey

Cancellation Surveys are a great way to start a retention flow. Let’s get started building your very own survey.

Everything is editable - change the heading, subheading, and individual options. You can add as many options as you like but we suggest keeping it between 3-5.

You can also change the button text.

Click “Continue”

Create Customer Cancellation Survey

Create offers to reduce customer cancellations

Now we need to create “Offers” to show users. Depending on what options users choose they will be shown an offer.

Click “Create New Offer”

Create Offers to Reduce Customer Cancellations

Everything in the “Offer” box is editable. You can change the Heading and Sub Text as well.

Write a convincing header and body text to captivate your users and nudge them into accepting your offer.

You can also change the button text.

Offer Creating Steps

After you have finished editing the content, add in your offer URL. This should be the URL of the landing page where your users can claim their offer.

Don’t forget to give your offer a name so that you can easily find it later

Offer Creating Steps

Click “Save Offer” to continue

Offer Saving Button Step

You can create a number of offers depending on how many options you have in your cancellation survey.

Offers Depending on How Many Options

Don’t forget to give your retention flow a name. Click on the 3 dots and choose “Edit”

Giving Retention Flow Name

After giving your retention flow a name, click “Continue”

Clicking Continue Button

Now you can choose what offers you want to give users depending on what they chose on the survey.

Choose Offer You Want to Give

If you have a new offer in the pipeline, click “Create a new offer”

New Offer in Pipeline

Fill in the details and click “Save Offer”

Saving Offer Button New Offer in Pipeline

You’re almost done. Here’s what it will look like. Click through the survey to experience what your customers will see.

Click Survey to View Click Survey to View 2

An important part of customer retention is feedback

All feedback is good, some of it valuable.

Click on the individual text boxes to edit the text inside. When you’re ready click “Continue”

Feedback Tab

Now we edit the Confirmation step. Make sure to let your customers know what features they will be missing out on if they do cancel. Use this step to try and highlight the package offerings.

Click on the individual text boxes to edit the text inside. When you’re ready click “Continue”

Confirmation Tab

Now we look at the design of your retention flow. Change font, text color, background color, and button text and color.

When you’re ready click “Continue”

Design Tab

You’re almost done. Add your cancellation URL here. This is the landing page where users will land on after canceling a subscription. Click “Publish”

Finish Tab

Let’s embed your Churnfree retention flow into your website.

Embed Your Churnfree Retentionflow

We need to add the scripts to your website to start implementing the retention flow to avoid subscriber cancellations.

Add Churnfree code to Shopify website:

We will walk you through the integration for Shopify websites but the integration is pretty much the same for all other websites like those built on WordPress and other CMS.

First, navigate to your Shopify store. Click Online Store and select Themes.

Click the Actions drop-down and choose “Edit code”

Add Churnfree to Shopify

Click on theme.liquid to start editing the code

Theme Liquid to Edit Code

You will need to paste the first bit of code from Churnfree before the closing body tag (</body>).

The easiest way to find this is by searching for it. Click Ctrl+F and search for “</body>”

Copy the code from step 1 and paste is above the closing body tag

Copy Paste Step One Code

Now we move on to step 2 - copy the script under step two from your Churnfree dashboard

Copy Step Two Code

Paste it under your script from step 1

Paste Step Two Code

We now need to replace the “ BUTTON_ID” with the desired elements ID to connect and launch Churnfree with your website’s cancellation button. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a button - it can be a link or even an image.

In this example, we will consider the element to be a button with ID “btn_cancel”

Do a quick search to verify that “btn_cancel” exists on the page and copy the ID

Search for Cancel btn

Replace the “BUTTON_ID” with your button ID that you just copied

Replace Button ID

Click “Save” to continue

Click Save Continue

Now go to your website and refresh the page.

Navigate to your cancellation page and click the cancellation button - your Churnfree retention flow should now be implemented.

If you have any troubles with getting Churnfree to work, get in touch with us today and one of our specialists will get touch with you in one working day.